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The Bellevue Piano Studio is accepting piano students of all levels. As a premium destination for music lovers and seekers, we apply the best method for early childhood education as well as preparing students for the RCM Music Development Program, college entrance auditions, music festivals and competitions.

RCM Music Development Program      



Don't miss fun events run year long, concerts, festivals, and summer camp.




Unique monthly workshops with discussions ranging from techniques to stage manners.

Northwest Pianos


All classes are taught at Northwest Pianos in Bellevue. You can also book a practice room. Call for details.


Music Teacher's National Association

Music Teacher's National Association


Tuition payment is now online.

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Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher




Congratulations to students

who worked very hard this year, including,


* Vivian Jiang won 1st place Gold medal at the Classical Viennese Festival

*Isabel Kaempfer is the Junior Division Winner of the Piano Marvel Competition

*William Zhu won 2nd place at the Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside

*Vivian Jiang won 3rd place Bronze medal at the Virtuoso Festival




Mozart Preschool Music Program


for children ages 3 to 5

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Summer Camp Memories

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Next masterclass is on January 7

9:00 am


Winter Recital

December 16, 6 pm


Register for group and special classes

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Are you interested in joining the studio?


The next Audition Date (2017-18 enrollment):

January 7, 2018  10:00 am

Fee: $30

Form: Audition.pdf

Place: Mercer Hall, Bellevue, WA 


Follow the Registration page for complete detail.


*Summer Class do not require an audition. It also does not guarantee acceptance for the next year's enrollment.




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Congratulations, Vivian Jiang (age 8)

1st Place Gold Medalist at  2017 Classical Viennese Festival




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Bellevue Piano Studio

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