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Ages 3 to 17


The Bellevue Piano Studio offers Gifted Child Young Artist Program for young students from ages 3 and up. The Gifted Program provides children with extraordinary opportunities with musical acceleration.


The testing levels are divided into different age groups.

Preliminary (age 3 - 4)

Kinder (age 5 - 6)

Junior Elementary (age 7 - 8)

Elementary (age 9 - 10)

Pre-teen (age 11 - 12)

Teenage (age 13 - 17)


Although the testing components are different from each group, the main aspects of the test is comprised of the following areas.


-Listening: Extraordinary listening skill including perfect pitch.

-Dexterity: Physical ability with high coordination of movement including fine and gross motor skills.

-Endurance: Mental strength and patience required during the rigorous training for a better outcome in the future.

-Interest: High focus and interest level shown.

-Creativity: Unique imagination and original ideas displayed.

-Speed: Learning and adapting is at an unusual rate.





The benefits of Gifted Program:


-accelerated learning environment

-abundant teaching support

-opportunities in professional development at a young age

-students increase the ability with higher challenge


Selected students will be given support from various areas and the gifted program curriculum will be built into their current individual lesson plan. The testing dates run a few times during the year. Please contact with the heading, "RE: GIFTED" for further detail.


The next testing date is August 5, 2017. You must be present on this date to be offered the program. Times are distributed by email notice.


In an effort to discover many young talented artists, anyone is welcome to take the test regardless of residency and country. If you know anyone whom you think should be taking the test, you can let us know and we will send an invitation.










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