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Music is a language that I speak to myself. It has its own voice that whispers with so much expression that a word cannot describe. The mere activity of playing notes with your fingers is the least thing you can do on piano. It must come alive, sing and dance with rhythm and energy. It reflects your soul and mind.


Growing up in a musical society in Vancouver, I was very lucky to be in the major stream of music making programs. There were abundant resources, friends, teachers and opportunities. I owe it all to my students and I cannot be happier to pass it down.


As an advocate of music, I seek every way for students to find the true voice in themselves. Once you learn to understand the musical language, you are in another world full of magic.




A teacher can have a great influence over a student's life. Music also has a great impact in one's life. Every note played, every idea sought and discussed is very precious. As students learn this value over the course of our special journey, I invite parents to give full support in guiding them. A collaboration of student, teacher and parent working together is needed to achieve the mastery of art that we strive.










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