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Regular Private Lesson

Regular private lesson consists of 30 minutes to 1 hour of intensive one-on-one training by a professional instructor.  Students have chance to complete an examination process and work through series of assessments to advance into a higher level.


Pre-College Program

A student who is pursuing a goal for a university entrance is accepted into Pre-College Program by audition.  Once admitted to the program, the student is expected to participate in festivals and competitions, attend masterclasses by world renowned professionals and show great amount of dedication.  Based on an annual achievement, a student may be eligible for a scholarship which can be used towards tuition.


Adult Program

Adult Program is for students over the age of 21, who are learning for pure enjoyment.  The session is 18 weeks long -  50 minutes for each class.   Students have their own workshops and may participate in any available music appreciation class.  The adult student is only accepted during the open audition period, held twice a year.


Little Mozart Program

Young children of ages 0 to 5 may join the Little Mozart Program to enhance their musical experience in a fun way.  Although it shares some aspects with similar toddler music programs, Little Mozart focuses primarily on ear training and learns thorough repertoires of children songs both classical and traditional.



Kids Academy

Kids Academy is an after school education program with an affordable flat monthly rate for students of ages from 6 to 12. Each student has an individual goal program for enrichment, and attend up to 5 times a week from 3 pm to 6 pm, and supervised for various subjects including 20-minute piano lesson.


Piano Adventure Course

Beginners interested in music can enroll in Piano Adventure Course program to learn the basic skill in piano.  Each level contains specific materials to cover.  This is a mandatory course for beginner students who are seeking to join Priave Lessons in the future. The session is 7 weeks long.


Summer Camp

During the summer, a 6-week intensive session is formed to give students an opportunity to accelerate to the best of their abilities.  Students come in everyday from 9 am to 1 pm filled with lessons, practice, masterclasses and discussions.  Weekly enrollment.  


Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation class is dealt comprehensively, with great number of current repertoires in classical music with partial theory and history, comprehensively.  An outcome of vast knowledge and general musical terms is expected as we advance to the next level.



Music Theory

Based on the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum, we offer all levels of music theory:  Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, and Composition.  Classes are formed throughout the year by the demand of students.  Students are encouraged to take the official RCM examination after the completion of each level.


Music History

Music history covers eras from medieval to contemporary music which is based on the Royal Conservatory of Music History text book, the Enjoyment of Music.  Music History grade 3, 4, and 5 are covered for each course.  Students are encouraged to take the official RCM examination after the completion of each level.



Musicianship program is a specialized course that focus on ear training and sight reading skills. Students learn about techniques that bring the skills to an advance level of achievement.


Collaborative Artist Program

Collaborative performances include piano accompanying, chamber music, choir, and orchestra.  Students may be involved with different instrumental players or singers and learn to play effectively together.



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