Bellevue Piano Studio

Founded in 2010

Raised and educated in Canada, pianist Elaine Chung founded Bellevue Piano Studio in 2010, soon after settling in Bellevue, Washington. The studio is located inside of the Northwest Pianos, a piano store that hosts more than 100 pianos. Since the founding year, the studio has helped many students excel in music, and shared invaluable experiences while taking the musical journey together.

Mozart Preschool

Making it real

In 2017, the studio extended the program to preschool-aged students in hopes to develop musical skills in children. Now, close to the end of the first year of operation, children as young as 3 years old are playing the piano with spatial awareness, discrimination of pitch, and most of all, showing signs of interest and appreciation in music.

Our Preschool Logo

Our preschool logo was designed by a pianist and educator, Susan Kim from Palo Alto. It features special witty characters of how Mozart may have appeared as a young boy.