Do I have to practice everyday?

Yes, indeed. Practice is special food you can nurture yourself. On the days when you are too busy to put in a regular practice, try to fill in at least few minutes to go over basic techniques so you are always up and running.

What is school year enrollment?

School year enrollment allows registering for the entire school year to go along with your current school schedule. It reserves your space and time without any surprises until you wish to terminate.

How many masterclasses do I have to attend?

To maintain a good status, it is requested that you attend a minimum of 2 masterclasses per semester, and you are welcome to attend all masterclasses upon your will.

How many recitals are there?

There are 2 recitals, 1 per term in winter, and in summer. It is encouraged that you attend both recitals as they also represent the student assessment.

What is student assessment?

The student assessment brings forth the whole year’s act together with the highlight being the recital. Every lesson, every practice days count toward the value of assessment, with the goal of achieving steady improvements over time. This is to measure the aptitude in a piano lesson and to ensure that students enjoy learning on their will and not forced to learn.

What is included in the tuition?

The tuition reflects your weekly lessons, masterclasses and recital fee. The main factors in deciding the rate besides operational expenses include high expertise in teaching, years of experience and successful methods, teacher credentials, to name a few.

Why is there no makeup lessons offered?

There is no makeup lesson for school year enrollment. To operate and maintain the studio, there is a lot more operational expense involved than in need of a piano. Even if a student misses a lesson, the operational expense cannot be made up in any way. In average, students tend to miss 3 to 6 lesson per year due to sickness and family emergencies. Therefore, the base rate for school year enrollment tuition is set considerably lower than the regular rate, to cover possible missed lessons, yet still allowing the studio to operate smoothly. To have makeup lessons, you can enroll with regular rate, 4 – 12 weeks enrollment.

Can I change my lesson time?

Normally, the time that is reserved in the beginning is the time you will have for the rest of the school year. Occasionally, you may request for the time change in the change of the calendar year (2018 heading to 2019 in January) due to some change in the upcoming school activity. Otherwise, the time change is not an easy one since everyone else has settled with the time and there is little to none empty spot during the lesson days.