Prospective Students

Where to Start?

Whether you are looking to play piano for an enjoyment, or to become a serious player, we all need to start somewhere. We have 3 divisions for you to choose from, and one-time basis classes as well.

Piano Adventure Course

Piano Adventure Course is a great way to test out if your child is ready to pursue piano to a further degree. It is a one-time 7-week course that builds a basic foundation in piano skills such as notation, how the instrument works, basic rhythm, and finger coordination.

Competitive Class

Our Division 2 and 3 levels offer competitive training that will take you to the further degree in music. Be part of serious music learners who motivate each other. You may be promoted into the program during your regular study, or you can join us through an audition.


Divisions are here to help you classify how you should use your time wisely. With a strategic planning, you can achieve your goal, realize what you need to focus, and understand what you need to sacrifice. The division choice purely comes from you, and they are reversible as you progress.

Scholarships & Financial Assistant

We recognize students who work very hard! Division 2 and 3 receive scholarships to be used in their tuition. Furthermore, financial assistant opportunities are available to selected students to support their goals.