Policy 2019-20

Private Lesson

The lesson consists of 30 minutes to 1-hour private lesson on weekly basis. Stylistic presentation, discussion, performance, musicianship, and techniques are covered.  A parent or a guardian is required to be present during the lesson when accompanying a child less than 8 years old for practical guidance at home.  For each lesson, there may be a 5-minute break for follow-ups and preparation for the next lesson.  


34-Week School Year Enrollment

The most economical and efficient way of enrollment is registering for the full year which requires the most commitment from students and parents. During the school year, you may be allowed to join in the middle of the year.  As the studio follows the Bellevue school district calendar for regular holidays, only lesson cancellation from the instructor will be made up during the makeup session.  A full payment or 10 monthly installments is required.


4 to 12 Weeks Enrollment

Another way to receive private lessons is to go on monthly or more, from 4 to 12 weeks during the year.  You can continue the lesson by renewing two weeks before the lesson matures, otherwise, it is assumed that lesson is terminated with a 2-week notice and your lesson time will be made available to other students.  If you miss the two weeks date, you must pay a re-registration fee of $50 and we may have to find a different lesson time.  When registering for weekly lessons, you may not have more than 1 skipped week excluding studio holidays.  If you plan to be absent for 2 weeks or more, you must re-register to reinstate the lesson.  The studio will give 1 makeup lesson within the timeframe of current enrollment for lesson cancellation with a 24-hour notice or illness with a doctor's note.  All other missed lessons will not be granted for makeups.  The studio makes every effort to arrange for a makeup lesson including weekends.  Failure to meet a makeup schedule offered by the studio will result in the forfeit of makeup lesson and your enrollment date will not be extended or refunded.


Adult Student

Adult students over the age of 21 (who turn 21 by the beginning of the term) are accepted during the open audition period only.  Each term consists of 17 lessons, theory class, musicianship and monthly masterclass.  You must meet the required syllabus to advance to the next term.  Please find more detail on the adult curriculum outline page.

Program Student

All other programs offered by the studio are one-time enrollment only.  Yearly registration fee must be paid to participate.


Masterclass and Recitals

The studio requires a minimum of 2 masterclass participation per semester for Associate and Elite levels.   The recital is a mandatory evaluation process for everyone.    Disregarding the studio policy will result in termination of all lessons.



For the 34-week school year, you may withdraw with a 4-week notice. Tuition made in full will be recalculated with the current hourly rate ($120/hr) to meet the installment plan policy, and the remaining balance will be forwarded to the student.  For 12 week enrollment, you may withdraw during the current session within the first 4 weeks and 2 weeks for any enrollment from 4 to 11 weeks for 50% refund.  Once the withdrawal period is over, it will not be extended or refunded.


Missed Lessons

You must notify the studio by phone (425-209-0058) at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a lesson for all types of enrollment.  You may also email at cancel@bellevuepianostudio.com.  Please do not use text message.  Cancellation within 24 hours is only allowed for medical emergencies and a doctor's note must be presented in a timely manner.  An improper no-show will result in a termination from the studio without reimbursement.  You may have up to 1 makeup lessons for 4 to 12-week enrollment.  All make-up lessons must be done within the current session or during the makeup session period.  In case of a long-term medical care, such accompanied by the physician's explanatory letter, the current session will be put on hold until the student is able to resume regular activities.  Please note that there is no makeup lesson for school year program and the adult program for any lesson cancellation by the student.  If a situation arises that the teacher needs to cancel the lesson, all lessons will be made up or extended, if not a monetary refund will be made according to the tuition schedule per lesson basis.


Tuition is to be paid in advance to reserve your time slot.  Tuition that has not been made by the renewal due date automatically terminates the current session and opens up the lesson time for other students.  In addition, tuition that has not been received by the first week of the new session will result in $20 late charge per week and 2 times occurrence will result in dismissal of the student.  There will be a tuition freeze for a minimum of 1 year for all registered students.


Payments can be made by cash, check, or online.  The refunded check will be charged $25 fee.  Cash payment is accepted in person along with the signed enrollment form.  Checks should be made under Bellevue Piano Studio and can be accepted in person or by mail along with the enrollment form.  To pay online, visit "www.bellevuepianostudio.com/payment" and follow instructions.  A processing fee will be added. For a 34-week enrollment, the first payment is due on August 14th.  10 recurring payments of post-dated checks for 14th from August through May are required in advance.  For other programs, you will receive an invoice for next semester and must be paid by the due date to avoid a late charge.



A termination form is required with the appropriate week of notice depending on the type of current enrollment.  The teacher has the right to dismiss a student based on poor progress and unfit personal interest.  Please refer to the termination form included for more detail.


Student Assessment

To maintain a good standing as a student, you must show a good amount of commitment towards music education.  At the end of each semester, there is a period of assessment for all students enrolled at Bellevue Piano Studio.  This is to maintain a high quality of performance level and to provide with structured achievement goal for the individual student.  The assessment is composed of different parts, and a student is expected to perform at least 70% to be able to continue the education with the studio.



An outstanding student will be considered for a scholarship, once a year.  You may request for a bursary for financial aid with the formal procedure.  There may be volunteer credits and examination credits depending on your current school.  Should you have any complaints regarding the studio, please send in writing, with proper documents.



All student information is kept confidential.  You may decide to exchange your information with other students on your own will.  The studio will only be using the photos of a student who has given consent in the registration package.

updated August, 2019