Prospective Students

There are several ways to join the studio:

1. If you are a beginner, you must first join the Beginner Adventure Course before being admitted into private lessons. An audition or meeting is not necessary.

2. Anyone with previous experience in piano and without a referral should apply for a video audition. Please contact for more detail.

3. If you have been referred to the studio by former or current student family, you can apply for a video conference.



Beginner Piano Adventure Course

Beginner Adventure Course is created to bring new students closer to the piano in a friendly environment. Sharing with other new students and learning together, you will be able to define how well you fit in learning the instrument. Students with advanced perseverance will be promoted into the private lesson upon completion. Register online to join the class.

Current Openings

Please contact the studio for more detail.


Official Registration

Download: Registration form


Division of Groups

Please read through the detail regarding selecting the right division for you. [Divisions]



Submit a termination form to stop the class at any time during the year. A four-week notice is required.


General Expectations (Modified for COVID19/Online Format Learning for 2020)

  1. You will need a reliable internet connection, a phone, a laptop, or a tablet to connect to Zoom.
  2. When it is your scheduled lesson time, enter the zoom meeting, and wait to be admitted.
  3. Place your camera to shows your body, arms, and fingers with piano keys. Have your books ready to begin right away.
  4. You may consider wearing a headset/earphone to minimize echoes, preferably wireless. (Not a requirement)
  5. Stay focused throughout the lesson. Do your weekly homework checklist.
  6. When you miss the call for any reason (no show), you will receive 2 attempts from the teacher. After 2 attempts, your lesson is forfeited, and cannot receive a makeup. You need to notify the studio 24-hour in advance to reschedule.

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