Prospective Students

There are several ways to join the studio:

1. A private meeting may be scheduled from a referral made by a current or past student family.

2. Anyone with previous experience in piano and without a referral should apply for an audition. (Next date: August 4)

3. Anyone with no experience in piano must first join the Beginner Adventure Course before being admitted into private lessons. Audition or a meeting is not necessary.

4. One time Single Lesson may be available for unregistered students upon submission of a video file. Single Lesson is 1 hour in duration, $120. Advanced payment is required. Email the studio to get instructions.



Skilled students are accepted through the audition procedures. Auditions are held every month on select dates.

  • September 7, 2019, 10:00 am
  • Fee: $30
  • Form: Audition.pdf
  • Place: Mercer Hall, Bellevue, WA

Complete the audition form, with $30 check payable to Bellevue Piano Studio by:

  1. dropping in person at the studio (Northwest Pianos)
  2. mail at Northwest Pianos 13310 Bel-red road, #100, Bellevue WA 98005
  3. register by email:


Register for an Audition

Please email at to receive a confirmation. The studio does not provide phone scheduling. All schedule is listed in public and cannot be changed. For all matters and questions that are not published on official website, they may be answered during the audition or during a private meeting. Possible time slots and waiting lists may open up and will be discussed at that time as well. Students accepted into the program will have their audition fee converted to a registration fee.

Beginner Piano Adventure Course

Beginner Adventure Course is created to bring new students closer to the piano in a friendly environment. Sharing with other new students and learning together, you will be able to define how well you fit in learning the instrument. Students with advanced perseverance will be promoted into the private lesson upon completion.

Sign up online to join the class.

  • Register for Beginner Piano Adventure Course (TBA)


Current Openings

Besides specialty programs (Beginner course, theory etc.) The studio currently accepts private lesson students for school year registration only. Please contact us to find out how to join during the year.


Official Registration

Once accepted to register, print and fill out the application form. You may send it by email or bring it to your first class.

Download: Registration form


Division of Groups

Please read through the detail regarding selecting the right division for you. [Divisions]



Submit a termination form to stop the class at any time during the year. A four-week notice is required.


General Expectations

  1. Please arrive on time for your lesson. If you think you will be late due to traffic etc. notify as soon as possible.
  2. Your lesson will close after 15 minutes with no-show and no-call. The teacher may leave the studio. Repeated no-shows will lead to termination from the studio without reimbursements.
  3. Bring all your music scores and homework. Each week of missing any will result in a mark deduction in yearly assessment.
  4. Be focused during the lesson. When you feel sick, tired, or have heavy loads of school work on a particular day, it may be best to cancel your lesson. Any student with a fever over 99 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home.
  5. When you have to cancel, just email or text with a short reason. The school year enrollment does not provide a makeup lesson for any absences unless it is canceled by the teacher.
  6. Please pick up the student promptly after the lesson.
  7. Remember to do the homework. Anyone not showing a progress may be asked to withdraw since it may not be the right thing to continue.

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