Tonight: Gala Concert

November 20, 2022, 6 pm @ Resonance at Soma Towers

-Elegie, Op. 24 (Intro), G. Faure

-Invention No. 13, J. S. Bach

-Prelude and Fugue in D minor, Book 1, J. S. Bach

-Sinfonia No. 15, J. S. Bach

-Sonatina in C Major, Op. 55, no. 3, Kuhlau

-Gavotte in G, Handel / Scary Stuff, Sarah Watts

-Prelude in G Major, Rachmaninov / Diabolical Suggestion, Prokofiev


Andrew Kim, Cello

Lena Fujita, piano

Sophie Hu, piano

Anabelle Lo

Serena Kim

Aerin Ko

Isabel Kaempfer

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

New Students: waitlist

All new students will be on the waiting list for eligibility to register. To gain eligibility, the student must meet the following requirement. Once the eligibility has been met, the student will receive an invitation to register with the Academy.

  1. EXPERIENCED STUDENTS: Audition required, and completion of Trial Weeks with good standing. Detail:
  2. BEGINNER STUDENTS: Beginner Adventure Course completion with good standing.
  3. AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM AND GROUP COURSE STUDENTS: May enroll as space permits. Observation Standard is set in place before being granted a permanent placement. The Observation Standard consists of 1. Student Code of Conduct, 2. Academic Expectations.

Junior and Senior Artist Program:

From Fall 2022, students in Divisions 2 and 3 (8 years old and up PLUS RCM grade 4 and higher) must enroll in either Junior or Senior Artistry Program. Student placement will be held during the program advising at the beginning of the year. The tuition will be based on the Artist Program level, minus previous credits. Additional scholarships will be rewarded in June to students who have successfully matched and reflected their chosen Division Requirements and students who have shown accelerated learning in Artistry levels and RCM grades (RCM Standard).

Students who are in the Junior or Senior Artistry Program will automatically gain a VIP membership in our After-School program. They may work on their homework or practice during the Afterschool program hours while they wait for their mandatory classes.

Students younger than eight years old will be given a chance to try out and experiment with different division levels without choosing the Full Artistry Program, as it is essential to allow a child to grow first before implying expectations. Young students (younger than 8) who have met the RCM grade 4 standard may apply for the Artist Program with a teacher’s consent. Older students (8 and up) who have not reached grade 4 yet may not join the Artistry program yet, but they may set a goal to take the placement test in the near future. They may also take single courses as space permits (eg. 1 theory course). Such course credit can be used toward the Artistry program in the future.

Junior Artist Program

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Senior Artist Program

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General Students

Students who are not taking the Artist Program may continue their private lessons at a regular rate of $140/hour (September 2022-June 2023). Additionally, if you want to join the Afterschool program, you can follow the pre-registration steps.

General Music Classes (Dream Music Factory) waitlist

The General Music Class is a new and innovative approach to music lessons. A popular teaching model used in South Korea, it combines private lessons, group classes, and practice sessions in one session, thereby creating effective solutions to common challenges that our students face. It also helps families by keeping the tuition on the lower end while the students use their time wisely after school. The guided practice sessions help students finish their daily practice requirements, and students get to meet peers and share their learning experiences while creating a musical bond. Students are given 1:1 attention (up to 5 minutes each round) with tasks to complete until the next round. The faster the students stay focused in practice, the more accelerated learning they will experience and learn to enjoy leveling up in music. Students may continue carrying on the Piano Adventure Course Journey or find their coursework appropriate to their levels. You may enroll once a week, up to 3 times a week, space permitting. The Afterschool Program includes General Music Classes.

Afterschool Program (BAAM Club / Genius Raccoon) waitlist

The Academy offers Afterschool Program in collaboration with specialists from the educator’s network starting in September 2022. The program supports the following:

  1. Homework Help
  2. Academic Enrichment: Reading, Writing, Math, Other Languages
  3. Music: General Music Classes with Guided Practice
  4. Fine Arts: Drawing, Painting, 3-D
  5. Social-Emotional Awareness: Counselling, Friendship, Mentors
  6. Camps: Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Spring Camp
  7. Weekend Assembly
  8. Transportation (Add-on): From & To School/Home/Other Activity Centers as requested, space permitting (within Bellevue Surroundings)
  9. Emergency Support (Add-on): Another resource you may seek when you need help the most.

The address for our school is 12356 Northup Way, Suite 111, Bellevue. Space is limited, and our current students will receive a priority in enrollment. We will continue to hold concerts at Northwest Pianos, and the new addition will have Private Lessons, After-School Programs, Camps, Music Preschool, and Group Classes. The transportation service is available with limited space. By default, it is expected that the parents/guardians accommodate drop off and pick-ups.

Volunteering/Teaching Positions

Another exciting change we will have is volunteering and teaching opportunities for students who are looking to sharpen their skills. You will be able to apply the volunteering credits to use for school, and eligible students will be able to try out a teaching career. Such activities will reflect in the form of tuition reimbursement, official job payment (HR), or volunteer credits. You may apply for the following positions for both volunteering and teaching:

  1. Peer-Aid: Help friends
  2. Teaching Assistant: Music, Art, Academics
  3. Magazine Journalist: Music in Seattle is going to be a Seattle-based magazine filled with information on music
  4. Project Managers: Create events and projects to enrich our community and schools
  5. Performers: Concertize and play gigs in events. Many will get paid according to their performing skills. Eg. Weddings, Company Parties, Retirement Centers, Fund Raising Events, etc.

Mozart Preschool Opens in Fall, 2022 (Ages 1 to 5) waitlist

Free Music Playdate (12-24 months old): Yes, free, for babies and caregivers to come and spend time without an official class. Caregivers will get to meet others, make friends, and try out instruments to stimulate their young ones. Space is limited, and one caregiver will be allowed per child.

Little Mozart Class (25-36 months old): A short, music program to stimulate young toddlers in music as described by Edwin Gordon. Learn more about Music Learning Theory. The caregiver must attend together with the child.

Mozart Preschool (3 to 5 years old): For potty-trained children, this drop-off program is divided into 3 Tiers to provide effective programs based on their specific abilities and current development regardless of age.

EXPLORATORY: Exposure to sound and an introduction to various instruments in a spontaneous environment. Self-paced plays and preschool-appropriate toys are provided. (30-minute/day)

CURIOUS KIDS: Children who are showing some interest in music and who can follow at least 2 minutes of instruction and show focus are promoted to this group. The goal for this class is to stretch their focus up to 5 minutes at any given time. (30-minute/day)

ADVENTUROUS KIDS: Children who can follow from 5 minutes of instruction are promoted to this group. Students get to try out some parts of the Piano Adventure Program with some breaks. The goal is to stretch the focus up to 15 minutes at any one given time. (45-minute/day) It is expected that when children appear unfocused and unable to follow instructions, they will self-explore the environment which is a crucial part of child development. (45-minute/day)